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    Reading the following (excellent) blog in USA Today … http://travel.usatoday.com/cruises/post/2010/11/carnival-splendor-travel-agent-cruise-ship-celebrity-century-help/130476/1 ... has inspired us at All Points Travel to remind you of the value and services provided when making major purchases through a trained professional. So, we’d like to title ours “WHEN THINGS GO WRONG ON A HONEYMOON … OR VACATION … OR CRUISE IT CAN HELP TO HAVE A TRAVEL AGENT!”


    As this blogger states “When things go wrong to the point of bringing an early end to a voyage (a relative rarity in the business, thankfully), a good agent can be a godsend in salvaging at least part of one's hard-earned vacation time.” We couldn’t agree more! Luckily, we rarely see complaints or problems with our clients’ trips. But, life and stuff happens. When there are “issues” to be dealt with, we often have quicker and easier access to those that can remedy the situation then you as the consumer. A reputable, experienced travel agency will have relationships and contacts not only with vacation and cruise companies, but many times directly with the resort or ship management as well. And, these relationships very often work to our customers favor when consideration is given for guest upgrades or additional amenities! Our clients almost always “win”!


    We hope that you will take time to look at the USA Today blog and the comments posted by the readers! Overwhelming they agree that using a travel agent has saved them money, gotten them better service, made their travel planning easier especially when there was a problem to deal with! It is always a benefit to have someone there as your advocate whether your flights are cancelled … or there is a problem with your room or cabin.


    Generally there are no additional fees to you, the traveler, to use a travel agent to book your cruise or vacation package. As a matter of fact, you can very often find BETTER PRICING through a travel agent! So, before you trust your honeymoon (possibly the most important trip you will ever plan!) or vacation to a generic, impersonal, non-customer service oriented website, ask yourself “what if I have a problem?” …




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